solid wall winding pipe extrusion line
hollow wall profile winding pipe extruder machine
krah pipe production equipment
winding pipe connector production equipment machine

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Spiral winding pipe extrusion line

large diameters HDPE winding pipe extruder machine, drainage pipe extrusion line, sewage widning pipe machine


Krah pipe extrusion line

Krah pipe extrusion line, large diameters krah extruder machine, drainage pipe production equipment, sewage pipe production line


Pipe sockets molding machine

Sockets molding machine for large diameter winding pipe, spiral joints extruder for Krah pipe, injection molding machine for socket of krah pipe


Double wall corrugated pipe extruder

Double wall corrugated pipe coating extrusion line, outer layer of double wall corrugated pipe coating extrusion line


PE PP pipe extrusion line

High speed PE pipe extrusion line, MPP pipe extruder machine, PPR pipe production line


PVC pipe extrusion line

High speed PVC pipe extrusion line, double output PVC pipe machine, four cavities PVC pipe extruder machine


Spiral winding drainage and sewage pipe extruder machine manufacturer and supplier – Qingdao Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd

Qingdao Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd Specially focus on manufacturing: large diameter winding pipe extrusion line, large diameter spiral reinforced winding pipe machine, large diameter krah winding pipe extrusion line,  big diameter drainage winding pipe production equipment, winding drainage pipe joint connector injection molding extruder machine, double wall corrugated pipe extruder machine, single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line and etc.
The application the winding pipe involves water supply, drainage, gas transportation, irrigation, mining, ventilation, and engineering construction of chemical pipelines.
Beisu adheres to the tenet of innovation, quality, service, and win-win. With strong strength, advanced technology, reasonable prices, and high-quality services, we will wholeheartedly work with users to create a better future!

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